Missed us? The interns have been busy working hard on a bunch of projects, and summer is going by faster than anyone wants to admit. Now that we’re not sitting together at the same table any more, we wanted to check in with each other and share what a normal day looks like for each of us.

Allison – Project Management Intern

8:30 – Arrive at Lemonly with my cup of liquid gold in hand. Wonder how on earth I lived before coffee.
8:45 – Catch up on emails and Slack notifications and prepare for the Adobe training meeting.
9:00 – Spend an hour learning graphic design tips and tricks from Creative Director and Adobe master Amy C. Realize graphic designers are wizards.
10:00 – Weekly project manager meeting. Discuss upcoming projects, designer needs, timelines, etc. This meeting helps keep us on track and in the loop!
11:00 – Buckle down to catch up on emails from clients, post feedback to Basecamp, check in on timelines as well as designers’ progress on their projects.
12:00 – Intern lunch at Mackenzie River. Nick, Carly, and I bond over being Team Pizza.
1:00 – Return to the office just two doors down. Try to cram all our leftover pizza into the refrigerator.
1:05 – Check emails again and post additional feedback to Basecamp. Work on creating timelines for any new projects with Project Manager Tess.
2:00 – Weekly intern meeting to catch up with Nick and Carly on all of our current projects. We bond over bad haircuts from our childhood and brainstorm ideas for our next intern infographic!
2:30 – Try to figure out why I have 25 tabs open in three separate browser windows. Close them all in hopes of becoming more organized.
3:00 – Prepare for client kickoff call with Kelsea, another awesome PM. Talk through any questions we may have and make a game plan for their kickoff.
3:30 – Client kickoff call. I try to be a sponge in these meetings and listen and learn as much as I can from the full-time PMs.
4:00 – Post-kickoff call snack because I’m hungry and need brain food.
4:15 – Send follow-up email to the client after the kickoff call with next steps and timeline.
4:45 – Make my to-do list for the next day and check out tomorrow’s schedule.
5:00 – Take off for the day and try not to get hit crossing the street downtown!

Carly – Graphic Design Intern

8:30 – Arrive to Lemonly HQ, settle in with my coffee and look over my emails and calendar for the day.
8:40 – Dive into my second design draft for a Paris infographic while munching on some animal crackers. Very healthy breakfast, I know.
10:00 – Begin working on Lemonly’s super secret holiday gift project and share what I’m working on with the designers.
11:00 – Evaluate some comments from the Lemonly team on two of my design drafts and make edits based on their feedback.
11:20 – This is where things get serious. Nick, Allison and I depart for the most important intern task of the summer: getting Dairy Queen blizzards for all of Lemonly’s HQ employees on Miracle Treat Day. I went with the classic chocolate chip cookie dough.
12:00 – Warm up yesterday’s leftover Mackenzie River pizza for lunch (it’s buffalo wing and BBQ).
12:30 – Finish up my first design draft for a microcontent piece we’re working on for a local business that helps kids develop important cognitive skills through play.
1:30 – Decide it’s time for dessert and grab my DQ blizzard stashed in the freezer.
1:40 – Begin wireframing more microcontent and get excited to start illustrating their awesome products! Consult the content team to make sure there’s not too much text on this graphic to prevent good reach on social.
3:00 – Join the creative team for our weekly meeting to discuss and review our current projects. This is a great chance to get personal feedback from the other designers. Once a month, designers take turns leading a workshop for the group about a new skill.
3:30 – Watch a few After Effects tutorials to prepare for an upcoming animation project.
4:15 – Continue work on the wireframe. This project is a sequence of five different pieces that we’re making all at once.
5:00 – Load the dishes that have accumulated on my desk into the dishwasher and head out for the day.

Nick – Content Intern

8:52 – Stroll into the office. I’m on time for our content team meeting! I write down the date as this doesn’t happen often. I also make a list of my to-dos for the day and review any unfinished items from yesterday.
9:00 – The content team assembles to share what we’re working on, review our analytics for the past week and look ahead to upcoming internal projects.
9:30 – Finish writing and editing our weekly company culture newsletter for Humans and Resources. Schedule distribution for later today.
10:45 – Finalize the first copy draft for a client infographic about the best spots in downtown Philadelphia. My favorite? The Mütter Museum, an extensive collection of strange anatomical artifacts. They have a wall covered in skulls and books bound in human skin. (I have a biology degree, remember? Yeah, me neither.)
12:30 – Lunch time! Read today’s significant digits newsletter from FiveThirtyEight.
1:05 – Proof the latest wireframe for a rush project I wrote copy for last week about California’s aging water infrastructure. Remind myself how awesomely talented our designers are.
1:15 – Dive into some copywriting on a new client project based in New York. Decide we’ll need a bit more information from this client about the direction of the piece and some specific points they’d like to focus on.
2:12 – Consult my desk neighbor and designated work buddy Maddie, Content Manager extraordinaire, about which ideas for a microcontent piece she likes best. She shows me a video of her adorable new nephew who has the hiccups.
2:20 – Settle in for an afternoon of edits on a couple projects that just came back with client feedback. Shift the tone here to appeal to a business audience, add comparisons there to make sense of huge production output numbers…that sort of thing.
3:55 – Schedule a few social media posts to go out over the rest of the week.
4:33 – Start research and copy for our next intern infographic. This one will really wet your whistle. 😉
5:45 – Say adios to the rest of the late crew. Queue up a podcast episode or two for my drive home.

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