Let the trumpets sound! The 2018 Lemonly  company culture survey — now a collaboration with Fabric — is officially underway.

We aim to assess the workforce landscape by asking what you see in current company culture — and what you’d like to see. 2017’s survey provided valuable feedback and we’d like to keep the conversation flowing.

Saw last year’s survey? Since then, fill us in on:

What policy changes have been implemented? Where are shifts in culture being introduced? How have employee benefits evolved?

Just joined the workforce or your current company? We want your impression on everything from employee benefits and perks to job satisfaction and core values.

*Nudge, nudge* Extra incentive: Filling it out puts you in the running for one of three $100 Amazon gift cards.

“Company culture” was recently introduced to my lexicon upon onboarding as a Lemonly summer intern. I admit I lacked a clear understanding of what it really entailed.

It seemed to be only a buzzword that kept popping up in trending LinkedIn articles, achievable solely by Silicon Valley companies and pioneered by Google’s nap pods, volleyball courts and free organic lunches. At its simplest, I considered company culture a combination of office personalities and whether the party planning committee threw a summer barbecue.

The Company Culture Formula

Since joining the crew a month ago, I’ve witnessed how a balanced culture + benefits blend boosts office morale. (Take my word, these folks always seem to have a pep in their step.)

Fabric, a company founded on giving businesses the tools to define their culture, is a stellar resource for diving into company culture.  I’ve learned: A successful modern workplace is a hive of energy and enthusiasm sustained by aligning company goals with policies that invest in your people. Culture is a collection of behavior and values that can sweeten or sour a work environment.

Lemonly is a great place to work. (Literally. We’re certified.) But what makes it so lies in more than wearing Birkenstocks in the office and beer on tap (although they’re pretty awesome perks). Our casual vibe and affinity for lemon puns are just pieces of the puzzle.

The office atmosphere flourishes as Lemonheads reflect our core values (Adventure, collaboration, and integrity) into our work, interactions, and benefits. We cheerlead transparency in discussing how to offer more for our team. More benefits that fit our ever-changing needs. More opportunities to grow. More communication. This rally is led by captains and Lemonly co-founders John and Amy, who from the start envisioned a business model where everyone had a seat at the table.

It’s a sweet setup, and fittingly can be described through…

… Beehives

Bees, AKA pollinating workhorses, are in a constant frenzy, fertilizing flora and producing the world’s honey supply. Each hive team pollinates over 2 million flowers annually to make one pound of honey! (For context, the average hive outputs 60 to 100 pounds per year.)

The bee realm is buzzing with activity almost year-round. Imagine if the queen bee — the hive’s HR department — legislated strict policies that strained work-life balance or interfered with collaborative efforts. If the queen ignores employee feedback, internal processes are thrown haywire. The Bee Movie gave us a glimpse of a grim reality without the black and yellow infantry. Workplaces in every industry require balance.

Culture both trickles down from leadership and grows upwards from employees. It’s a holistic cycle that ensures the workplace ecosystem’s health. The queen cannot thrive without the support of her worker bees, and vice versa.

We may not all have Google-level employee goodies, but companies can strive to make small measures to offer more for employees no matter their industry or location. We’re attempting to kick-start the conversation and tear down barriers to discussion about benefits. In doing so, we hope to stir positive movements within the job force.

Join the buzz and take our survey today.