Every year we take the chance to look back on everything that’s happened in Lemonland—the projects, milestones, and events that made our year great. Our annual report is a chance to document our progress and growth as a company, but also to stretch our skills, show off a new work type, or make something that’s just plain cool.

In 2019, we gazed into our crystal balls and divined a fresh, clear vision for Lemonly. Enter our mystical annual report infographic. (We love a theme!) 🔮

Let’s take a look back at some of our company highlights from this year at Lemonly. Then scroll down to check out our ✨spellbinding✨ annual report in infographic form.

Defining our core focus

This year, we rolled out a new core focus for Lemonly: We design clarity. Together with our core values, our core focus acts as a compass and a filter: It helps guide our direction as a company, both in our long-term vision and day-to-day action.

Each word in We design clarity is important:

  • We: Collaboration is one of our core values. We work together as a team, leveraging each of our talents to make something great. We also collaborate with our clients, partnering together in the creative process to create beautiful work that makes an impact.
  • Design: Lemonly is a design company. Beyond pushing pixels and crafting clever illustrations, we also design our customer journey and company culture intentionally to create a stellar, quintessentially Lemonly experience.
  • Clarity: Clarity is our ultimate goal and the outcome of our work. We turn data into design, complex into concise, boring into brilliant. In our work and how we do it, we strive to communicate clearly and make things easy to understand.

For more about the value of a core focus and how to define yours, check out our Designing Company Culture course and read Gino Wickman’s book, Traction.

Introducing the Wellness Task Force (WTF?!)

This year, we convened a new group focused on keeping our team healthy and happy. We call it the Wellness Task Force (WTF for short). This crew is focused on all aspects of wellness—physical, mental, social, and more. They put on a fun lineup of programs and challenges to keep us, well, well all year long. 

Read more about our Wellness Task Force, programming ideas, and how to start your own over here on the blog.

And lots more…

We launched new services to help our clients tell their stories with visuals in new ways. We set (and achieved! huzzah!) big goals to make our company better. And we gave back to causes that matter to us.

Go ahead, check out the full story below in our bewitching annual report infographic. 👇

Lemonly's 2019 Annual Report

Well, 2019, it’s been fun. Thanks for a great year! We’re excited for more sweet visuals, great clients, and team-building in our future.

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