Give yourself a pat on the back, dear reader. You made it through 2020! 

For a year that was a bit of a lemon, we still found plenty of ways to make lemonade (it’s what we do!). And we even broke some company records along the way—in the middle of a global pandemic, no less.

For our annual report this year, we looked back on the highlights from our work and our team that helped turn 2020 into something worth smiling about. 

Most infographics are vertical (what we call “classic infographics”), but for a year that turned life on its head, we turned the classic infographic on its head, too. Our 2020 annual report is a horizontal infographic (gasp!), perfect for a social media carousel or an immersive desktop browsing experience.

Take a look back at Lemonly’s year below. Scroll to the right to see the full horizontal infographic. 👉

Trouble viewing? Click here to see the annual report in all its glory.

Thanks for being a bright spot in our year! Whatever 2021 brings, we’re sure they’ll be more sweet visuals ahead. Cheers! 🥂

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