Giving does a community good. At the end of each year, Lemonly gives a portion of our profits to local non-profit organizations — nominated and voted on by our team. It’s a chance to give back to our community and support causes close to our hearts.

We call it our 3/2/1 giving. Lemonheads nominate organizations they care about, and everyone gets three votes to distribute across the nominees however they’d like. Lemonly gives $3,000 to the top-voted non-profit, $2,000 to the second, and $1,000 to the third.

In 2021, we had an awesome slate of non-profits nominated by Lemonheads. Here’s a look at the organizations that we supported with our 3/2/1 giving this year.

The Transformation Project

The Transformation Project supports and empowers transgender youth, young adults, and their families while educating communities in South Dakota and the surrounding region about gender identity and expression. 

The organization provides resources and education to support trans youth, young adults, and their families—helping make South Dakota a more inclusive, affirming place for trans people to live. Their work includes support groups, welcoming kits for families with trans children, gender-affirming clothing and personal styling, a magazine featuring stories from trans South Dakotans, educational resources for kids, adults, teachers, and allies—and more.

Carly and Nick both nominated the Transformation Project.

I nominated the Transformation Project because they represent a community that needs our support and celebration. Having lost a transgender family member, I am incredibly inspired by the work they do to empower trans youth and to cultivate more inclusivity and understanding throughout our region.

–Carly Ribstein, Visual Designer

Queer and trans folks, especially youth, are a vulnerable but incredibly vibrant and vital community in our state. South Dakota has unfortunately seen a series of anti-trans bills crop up in our state legislature over the past decade, among other, less visible ways transphobia is perpetuated in our everyday lives. The Transformation Project is helping make our state a more inclusive and affirming place for trans folks to live.

–Nick Lorang, Marketing Manager

Learn more and support the Transformation Project on their website.

South Dakota Voices for Peace

South Dakota Voices for Peace empowers immigrant, refugee, and Muslim communities by amplifying their voices and working in solidarity with all who dismantle bigotry and racism. They’re helping make South Dakota more diverse, inclusive, and anti-racist.

The organization’s work includes providing free legal services and representation for unaccompanied minors and immigrant survivors of violence living in South Dakota, highlighting stories from immigrants, refugees, and Muslims living in South Dakota through the media; creating and disseminating multilingual voter information resources; and helping communities host pop-up COVID-19 vaccine clinics.

Allison nominated South Dakota Voices for Peace after connecting with Taneeza Islam, the organization’s founder, at a women’s leadership event here in Sioux Falls.

I nominated South Dakota Voices for Peace after hearing Taneeza speak at one of our EmBe Women’s Leadership Program classes, where she gave us a condensed training about what it means to be an upstander and how we can help fight against bigotry in our state. The training was eye-opening, and the organization’s work is so needed to help push our state forward in a progressive way. I’m happy to support SDVFP and excited for the change they will bring to our state and communities!

–Allison Otta, Account Executive

Taneeza has also been a two-time guest on Lemonly co-founder John T. Meyer’s Leadmore Podcast. Listen to her episodes here and here.

You can learn more and support South Dakota Voices for Peace on their website.

Rare by Design

Rare by Design creates awareness, inclusion, and representation for individuals with rare diseases and disabilities. 

The organization is focused on living life positively and giving back to local and national non-profits that support research, self-advocacy, and empowerment. Their events, including this spring’s Style Show, foster community engagement for folks with rare diseases and disabilities.

Molly nominated Rare by Design and serves on the organization’s board of directors.

I nominated Rare by Design for the same reason I serve on its board: because I believe there is a lot of work to be done in our community to raise awareness about rare diseases and disabilities and how to make our community more inclusive and accessible for all people.

–Molly O’Connor, Senior Designer

Rare by Design founder and executive director Kendra Gottsleben talked with John about turning life’s lemons into lemonade (definitely something we can get behind!) on the Leadmore Podcast. Check out her episode here.

Learn more and support Rare by Design on their website.

Bonus Giving

This year, we also had some extra one-time funds set aside to support local causes (perks of having a dynamite accountant who keeps tabs on old bank accounts, eh?). Our co-founders, John and Amy, chose EmBe and the Bishop Dudley Hospitality House for additional contributions of $2,000 apiece.


EmBe empowers women and families in the Sioux Falls area to succeed and be their best. The organization provides a wide variety of programming for women, children, and families, including their Women’s Leadership Program—which has a few Lemonly alumnae!

Becoming a father to two girls made me want to shape a community where my daughters can thrive. My wife, Paige, and I are striving to raise strong, confident girls who know they can achieve whatever their dreams might be while improving their community and the lives of others around them. I believe Sioux Falls is the place to do it. Programs like EmBe’s need to be woven into the culture of our community, and EmBe has made a long-lasting community impact over its 100-year history.

–John T. Meyer, Co-founder

Learn more and support EmBe on their website.

Bishop Dudley Hospitality House

The Bishop Dudley Hospitality House provides shelter, food, phone and internet access, counseling, and access to basic services for our unhoused neighbors in Sioux Falls.

I wanted Lemonly to support the Bishop Dudley House because I believe in their mission and appreciate the value they bring to our community. Everyone deserves a safe, welcoming place to rest and a community they can reach out to when they need support. As Sioux Falls grows, so does our shortage of safe, affordable housing, and I think it’s important to support organizations that provide a sense of home for all who walk through the door.

–Amy Moore, Co-founder & Executive Creative Director

Learn more and support the Bishop Dudley Hospitality House on their website.

We’re proud and honored to support these great organizations making a difference in our community, helping make our slice of the world more inclusive, supportive, equitable, and vibrant.

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