Summertime has historically been a break time from “going to class”, but if you want to keep your design skills fresh, it’s never break time. To help direct our design friends, we’ve compiled this handy list of online course resources to check out to either learn new or refresh a few skills. Here we go!


One of our favorite online course sites is Udemy. There are plenty of design courses about almost anything, design-wise. We even have our very own Udemy course on how to make infographics. If you want to stray away from design, you can also learn things like yoga, programming, cake decorating and whatever else you can think of. Each class has it’s own price, ranging from free to over $100/course. Udemy also has a handy app so you can learn wherever, whenever. If you’d like to take our course, use promo code JUNE at until the end of this month for 25% off. Who says reading blog posts doesn’t ever get you anything? 🙂

hackdesignHack Design

Hack Design is a simple, free design course created for developers that want to learn design. With curated resources and interactive content, this is a great tool to have. Each week, a batch of lessons is delivered to your inbox to dive into on your own time. This is great for the beginner and pro alike, and you don’t necessarily have to be a developer to enjoy the content.  P.S. It’s FREE.


Skillshare is a great resource about any type of class you could think of. For a reasonable price, you can learn how to make your own video games, label design, illustrative words, the list goes on.  There are many different design and otherwise classes to take on Skillshare. Each lifetime access classes varies in price. Some classes are free, but most range around $20-25.


Interviews, courses, and books, oh my! Learnable is directed primarily to designers and developers not only offering courses, but books and interviews for students as well. With courses on responsive web design, iOS/Android, JavaScript, etc., there is a ton to learn on Learnable. Access costs $29/month on a monthly basis, $15/month on an annual basis, OR $79/individual course and $29/individual book.


Treehouse is another favorite site of ours to brush up on web and mobile skills. You can use Treehouse to do things like learn to build websites, create apps, code, or even start a business. With videos, practice quizzes and interactive challenges, you can earn badges to show the public what you’ve learned. Pricing is $25/month for basic access and $49/month for premium.


We know there are more resources out there, so let us know where you go to keep updated and refresh your skills in the comments below.

Happy Learning!