With National Tequila Day being this week, we knew we had to celebrate by sharing some great tequila infographics. Whether you prefer it in a margarita, a straight up shot, or you just prefer to learn about it, we’ve got the perfect collection of tequila infographics for you.


Tequila 101

Did you know real tequila is never bottled with a worm? The first tequila infographic by team Lemonly features categories of tequila, facts about agave, and other shots of tequila facts.


The Perfect Margarita

Sometimes the perfect margarita is all you need. The folks from The Roosevelts created a visual featuring the perfect ratio if margarita ingredients.


Tequila By the Numbers

Want to know the top ten states for tequila consumption? This infographic by The Distilled Spirits Council has some great data on tequila in the US.


Tequila Facts

Loving the data set of the National Distilled Tequila Council above? This graphic by Hispanically Speaking News features global tequila data and brand market share numbers, too.


Tequila in Shots

Would you care for a flaming flag or a firecracker? Our last featured graphic is another great visual by The Roosevelts, featuring the ingredients of five different tequila shots.


Need some guacamole to go with your tequila infographics? We made an infographic on avocados, too. đŸ™‚

Did we miss a favorite tequila infographic of yours? Let us know in the comments below!

Have a safe and happy National Tequila Day, friends!