If you’re like us and you need your daily infograhic fix, here are seven resources that post new infographics from around the web on a daily basis.

1.    Visual.ly 

Visual.ly is your one stop shop for data visualization. It’s the world’s largest community of infographics and data graphics bringing together a community of over 35,000 designers. Marketing gurus, data nerds and design junkies visit Visual.ly to explore, share, and create. They even have an ecommerce store allowing you to purchase your favorite infographics. Be sure to check our profile on there! 🙂

2.    I Love Charts 

By people who love charts for people who love charts.  I Love Charts is a popular Tumblr blog that posts fun charts on a daily basis. Not every chart posted is a guaranteed infographic, but I Love Charts is always good for a daily laugh. Feel free to submit your own chart or just get a kick out of browsing through the ridiculous but informative submissions.

3.    Mashable Infographics 

Mashable covers top social media news across all social media sites. It’s the perfect hangout for the ‘techie’ in all of us. Mashable Infographics are both created by Mashable staff and contributors to help make sense of the online world in a visual manner. You can expect a new submission every couple days.

 4.    Daily Infographic

Just like the name says, this site has a new infographic every day. What we like about this site is the wonderful intro paragraphs they write for each infographic. Daily Infographic is a little more than a picture post every day; this site reads more like a blog. They also offer great search capabilies and their site is sleek and clean.

5.    Good Infographics 

A great website for “good infographics” and data visualization. This website is very easy to maneuver and explore. With Good Infographics, you can search through categories such as food, movies, social media, health and fashion and watch for a new post each day.

 6.    Daily Infographic – Tumblr

Daily Infographic is a Tumblr blog that once again brings you the latest and greatest infographics from across the web. It’s similar to I Love Charts but has a greater emphasis on providing readers with true infographics. Sweet!

 7.    CDI – Cool Daily Infographics 

An infographic a day will keep the doctor away…or something like that. Cool Daily Infographics is another solid infographic website. Like our other favorite, it provides great search categories and they accept submissions as well. Watch for animated infographics, too!


Hopefully with our list we have helped cure your daily infographic need. We’d like to note that just like in life’s little moments, some infographics are more sweet and some are a little more sour, but these seven websites should be great resources for you to see a wide range of design and information.

Have another great infographic website you check out daily? Let us know in the comments below.