I’ve spent exactly 30 days at the Lemonly headquarters and so far it’s been a pretty sweet, not sour, ride. I jam out to music, play catch on the sunny days, eat freshly popped popcorn, and enjoy an afternoon brew every now and then. This job rocks.

So what’s it like?

Lemonly is a creative happening house. I can literally feel the energy flowing from all corners of the place. Every morning I’m greeted with lemon yellow walls and jet-black coffee. My day usually kicks off with checking Slack, an online chat hub the team uses to share updates, inspiration pieces, the hottest tech trends, and funny videos. I’ve found one of my favorite parts about Lemonly to be the ever-evolving industry. I’m challenged to read up on current topics and think forward about the next best thing in infographics. The afternoons are usually equipped with fresh popcorn and 3pm sunlight streaming through the electric orange windows.

IMG_2179Workwise, ace project managers Morgan Hauck and Becca Eisenhauer have helped me learn the ropes of client management. Clients I’ve had the opportunity to work with on the Project Management side are Marriott International, Community HealthCare Association of the Dakotas, and Product Hunt. To date, my take on project managing can be summed up in two words: translating and organizing.

I’ve learned a large part of project management revolves around helping the client understand the design process and helping our designers understand client feedback. Another essential part of project management is organization. Keep. your stuff. straight. This is the part where Google Docs, Google Sheets, specified folders in Gmail, and color coding became my very best friends.

Research and writing copy have also filled my time at the lemon headquarters. So far, I have researched and written copy for ten infographics. Research is fascinating, an adjective I wouldn’t normally associate with the word, but this type of research allows me to explore topics I normally wouldn’t and learn some cool stuff. A few tidbits of knowledge I’ve gained: The Fofoti Tree is the most photographed tree on Aruba Island, souping has become the new juicing in the cleansing world, and community healthcare centers offer dental care services as well as primary health care services.

tessValuable lessons from the first month at Lemonly:

  1. If you empty the coffee pot, refill it.
  2. Babies make everything better.
  3. Second only to babies are dogs. We love dog visits.

I’ve had an awesome 30 days at Lemonly, and I’m pumped to keep learning about sweetest company in infographics. Stay tuned!