One last check-in with our awesome summer interns

Unfortunately, the always-depressing end of the summer is here. For Olivia and I, this marks the end of our internship at Lemonly. As Olivia packs up her belongings to move across the country to new opportunities, I hunker down in my parent’s basement to prepare for a few more college classes. She definitely got the better deal.Lemonly 2014 Interns

To celebrate our time at Lemonly, both Olivia and I have compiled our top five Lemonly moments, from the educational ones to the funny ones.

Olivia’s Top Five:

  1. Completing my first client infographic (link coming soon).
  2. Playing (and winning) ping pong against Patrick on multiple occasions.
  3. Lunches at Falls Park.
  4. Getting to be a part of client projects.
  5. Our weekly design meetings, where I got to see the other designer’s work and get feedback on mine. Those meetings and their feedback really helped me grow as a designer.

My Top Five:

  1. Seeing the first infographic I researched and wrote in finished form.
  2. Learning about SEO and how to shape content for engagement.
  3. Consistently working on client work.
  4. When Olivia and I were trying to figure out what people wear to T-Pain concerts as well as actually going to the T-Pain concert.
  5. Attending the Canaries game during our second week and getting to know everyone outside of the office.

Olivia and I are both leaving with new knowledge and valuable experience. We also are leaving with awesome new mentors and friends. Thanks Lemonly!