You may be familiar with the old wives’ tale (commonly spread amongst elementary school circles) that claims the moon is made of cheese. Disappointingly for mice and Wisconsinites, this legend was debunked a little over 50 years agowhen the Apollo 11 mission successfully landed the first humans on the lunar surface. 

After a half-century hiatus, the team at NASA is gearing up to disappoint a whole new generation of cheese lovers. The Artemis missions are soon to take flightanticipating the return of humans to the moon by 2024. In the meantime, NASA will be busy testing an impressive array of new equipment aimed at reaching not only the moon, but the next great frontier: Mars.

For our inaugural infographic launch, Nicholas and I crafted a handy visual guide to help you understand this momentous occasion in galactic history.


Trouble viewing? Click here to see the full infographic in all its glory.

What did you learn from making your first infographic?


Blake Schumacher, Lemonly Design Intern
Blake Schumacher, Lemonly Design Intern

Be patient and have confidence in your abilities. Before this summer, I had almost zero experience writing outside of school, so taking on both writing and designing for our first intern-graphic was terrifically intimidating.

But I learned that the team at Lemonly is eager to offer input and affirmation—and to encourage healthy risk taking. In combination with a concrete creative process, everything fell into place like a buttered-up jigsaw puzzle (apologies for that mental image).


Nicholas Schnell, Lemonly Design Intern
Nicholas Schnell, Lemonly Design Intern

One of the main things I learned is that organization is key! Believe it or not, these things (animated infographics in this case) involve a lot of layers and sub-comps, so having those prepared and thought out helps expedite the process.

Along with the overall compositional organization, it’s important to be orderly when exporting the infographic into JSON codehaving the layers color-coded and grouped with their same time lengths helps a lot. About half of the process was new to me, but sometimes, diving right in is the best way to grow. Stick with it and it’ll all work out!

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