The story of human history has been written in visuals — countless images, works of art, media, creative compositions, and all manner of sights to behold. As a team of visual designers and the world’s leading infographic aficionados, we set out to catalog the visual history of humankind in a totally new way like only Lemonly could do.

Audio Visuals Podcast: The Top 23 Visuals of All Time
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That’s right, folks — we’re baaaaack! Audio Visuals, the critically acknowledged and incredibly popular Lemonly Original Podcast, is back from a yearlong hiatus for a super-sized second episode.

And for our grand return to the airwaves, we’re doing something never before attempted in the history of recorded sound. 

We’re counting down the Top 23 Visuals of All Time!

Our crack team of researchers has traveled the globe and scoured every known visual artifact (and some unknown ones, too) to compile the definitive list of the most iconic, incredible, impactful, and important visuals of all time. We’ve combed through terabytes of data, dozens of expert interviews, and mountains of empirical research to create the canonical record of the world’s top visuals in audio form.

On this episode of Audio Visuals, Maddie and I, plus extra special guest (and friendly neighborhood account executive) Emily Larson, take you on an audio tour of the world’s top visuals.

A project this ambitious can only happen as the result of thousands of hours of research, millions of data points, and hundreds of brainstorming meetings. We’re so thankful to the entire team who made this possible and to our fans — the AV Club — for bringing us back for another round behind the mic!

Tune in to the new episode of Audio Visuals now on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. You’ll laugh. You’ll learn. And you’ll certainly experience the world’s top visuals like you’ve never heard them before.

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Editor’s note: It must be a coincidence that our second episode of Audio Visuals debuted on April 1st. Was it all only a bit? Will Audio Visuals return? Can we ever truly solve the problem of light pollution? Who can say! But we know we had fun, and we hope you did, too.