What’s one of the first thoughts people have when they find out they’re pregnant? Baby names. Yes, it’s advised that you should probably start on those prenatal vites and make an appointment to see your doc, but let’s be honest,  thoughts about what you’re going to name your child are an instant invasion. After all, it’s a decision that’s going to stick with you and your baby for the rest of your lives.

For some people, it’s a contest to see how many ways they can spell a name, how unique they can make their child’s name. Others go out and buy a book of baby names and spend a good amount of time devouring the pages to find the perfect name for their child. Some families decide look up the meaning of a name to0. Many families also use names that are already in the family – you know Uncle Dave? Or Grandma Beth?

Through all the ways to go about naming your child, there are some names that come out more popular than others. You may have missed it, but the U. S. Social Security Administration released a list of popular baby names for 2011 in May.

We thought it’d be interesting to compare the list of names popular in 2011 to names that have ranked high for the past 100 years!

Our infographic highlights where our team ranked in name popularity during the year they were born. Is your name on any of our lists? – check it out!