Update: As the situation evolves, so too does our Back-To-Office Plan. This post has been updated to reflect changes to Lemonly’s Back-To-Office Plan for August 2020. We’ll continue to update this post as future changes are made.

“Unprecedented” seems to be the word of the year, eh? 

Like most people, our team of Lemonheads has been working remotely, staying home, and watching the news carefully these past few months. We were fortunate to be able to adapt quickly and easily to remote work, being a remote-friendly company during “normal” times. 

We recognize not everyone is able to perform their jobs remotely, and we’re so thankful for all the essential workers and healthcare professionals who are helping keep our communities safe and comfortable amidst all this disruption.

We learned a lot from others’ remote work plans (like this one from Pollen) back in March before we went fully remote, so we wanted to share our Back-To-Office Plan publicly in the hope that it might help others navigate this new terrain.

First, an important disclaimer: This is very much a living document. Our leadership team will continue to evaluate our plans on a weekly basis and adjust as needed; we’ll keep this post updated with any changes. On top of that, we think it’s important that no employee be required to return to the office until they feel ready, so ours is a strictly opt-in policy—there’s no hurry and no questions asked.

Now, here’s what you came for:

Lemonly’s Back-to-Office Plan

Opening HQ

Our downtown office (HQ) will be available Monday–Friday for any Lemonheads who want to use it. The office will still be closed to the public, so employees will need their key fob to get in. It’s absolutely not mandatory for HQ Lemonheads to be in the office, but it’s there for anyone who needs or wants it.

Office Changes

To minimize the spread of germs and keep good physical distance between people at all times, we have the following steps in place:

Two people per table max. Since our tables are pretty large, sitting at opposite ends of the table will help ensure Lemonheads are at least six feet apart while working at their desks, even when their tablemate is also present.

Not too many cooks in the kitchen. One person can use the kitchen at a time, and they should use hand sanitizer before touching any appliances or surfaces. Surfaces, appliances, or other kitchen items should be sanitized after each use. The coffee pot is still off-limits, but dishes, cups, and silverware are available for use—just be sure to wash any dishes after use. Employees will continue bringing their own drinks, food, and snacks (OR support their favorite local downtown businesses).

Staggered stadium seating (say that five times fast). We’ll mark off our stadium seats to keep people six feet apart for larger meetings.

Reduced conference room occupancy. Our large conference room will only accommodate 2-3 people max (with marked seating at least six feet apart), and our small conference room will be a single-person space (must sanitize completely after use).

Designated call rooms. Our sales and project management teams will divvy up our two smaller call rooms on a staggering schedule, and each person will sanitize the room before leaving for the day.

Take it upstairs! Our upstairs loft space has ample room to spread out, so this will become a designated meeting area as needed.

Have mask, will travel. Facemasks are mandatory whenever an employee is in the same room with another person or moving around HQ (e.g., bathroom, printer, etc.). Lemonly will gladly provide a mask to any team member who needs one.

Send in the cleaners. Our professional cleaning crew will be coming more often to help ensure things stay sanitized throughout the month.

Keep it clean. Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes will be stationed throughout the office to help keep all hands and surfaces clean and germ-free as much as possible. 

No hugs or high fives. Keep the celebrations socially distant, and keep your distance during meetings.

Using the little Lemonheads’ room. Use hand sanitizer before touching the bathroom doorknobs, and wash your hands afterwards (duh).

Office Schedule

It’s okay to be at the office with your tablemate—just be sure you’re spread far enough apart and observe the other measures listed above. (A previous version of this plan listed a staggered schedule that allowed certain Lemonheads to use the office on certain days.)

Like we said, this plan is strictly opt-in, so a few folks in our remote-only crew have elected not to come back to the office for a while longer.

Since the office isn’t open full-time yet, parking passes haven’t been reinstated. Employees will park in our normal lot as needed and Lemonly will reimburse the cost of parking.

End-Of-Day Chores

Before leaving HQ for the day, we ask everyone to do the following to leave the office in good shape for the next day’s crew:

Sanitize surfaces and anything you’ve touched. That means:

  • Desk area
  • Bathroom surfaces, handles, and doorknobs
  • Kitchen surfaces, appliances, and cabinet handles
  • Conference room or call room surfaces and doorknobs
  • Shared technology (printer, TV controls, etc.)
  • Light switches

Empty the trash can at your table each day. Check the trash cans in the kitchen and bathrooms as well and take out the trash when full.

Close the front door and ensure it’s locked before leaving. Double-check the mailbox just in case any pieces weren’t forwarded correctly.

Quarantine & Travel Guidelines

If an employee flies on a plane or attends at event with more than 50 people, we that they self-quarantine for 10 days before returning to the office.

Future Plans

These guidelines are how we plan to operate through August, but we know things change and every decision has a short-term expiration date as new information emerges in our rapidly changing reality. We’ll reassess our Back-to-Office Plan for September over the coming weeks.

Ultimately, the health of our employees and their families is what’s most important. We’ll adapt as needed and do whatever helps our team feel safe, comfortable, and productive.

If reading our plan was helpful, feel free to borrow some or all of the parts that fit your situation. See something we missed or have other ideas you think we’d like to hear? Send ‘em on over! Tweet us at @lemonly or shoot us an email at hello@lemonly.com

Stay safe and be well.