Six months ago Becca joined the Lemonly team and immediately took the reigns as a project manager. Her active and enthusiastic spirit, extensive knowledge of surf rock bands, and ideas for soup recipes make her a sweet member of the team. Here’s a look at her first six months and what she’s learned so far:

Meet Becca! The Newest Lemonly Project ManagerWhich clients have you worked with in your time at Lemonly?

I am very fortunate to have such an amazing client list. I work with some of the coolest organizations out there, including: LEGO, Green Bay Packers, Johnson & Johnson, GRAMMYs, Marriott, Entrepreneur Magazine, Stanford University, RightPoint, and Gawker, to name a few.

Favorite project(s) you’ve worked on?

Wow! What a difficult question. I’ve had a lot of awesome projects, but I have to give a shout out to Entrepreneur Magazine. They’ve been a great creative partner for Lemonly. So far, we’ve created web-based graphics, like the 21 Ways to Get Inspired Infographic. Starting this summer, you’ll see Lemonly’s work as a new print series in Entrepreneur Magazine about the state of entrepreneurship around the world. Stay tuned!

How does Lemonly differ from where you’ve previously worked?

I was a project manager for a 9 billion dollar bank before coming to Lemonly. So just the sheer amount of people within the organization is a big difference. I went from 1,500 to 17 employees and I love it! I feel so much more efficient when I make project timelines because the team is so accessible.

Also, the project duration is much quicker at Lemonly. I was used to having 6-18 months to execute large scale projects. Where now, projects can turn around in 2 weeks — meaning I have many more little moving parts to manage compared to fewer larger ones.

What advice would you give to those who want to be a project manager?

By nature, project management is very administrative. Anyone can schedule meetings and make timelines. To be a GREAT project manager, you need to make the company you’re working for a better place. It’s part of your job to continuously improve the way you do business. You need to be obsessed about what your customers value and make sure you are delivering high quality products/services. Because if you’re not, the shop down the street is more than happy to. And after each project, you need to think about what could have gone better, learn from it, then work new ideas into your current process. Never be content, always strive for better.

For someone looking to join Lemonly’s project management team, I would say to practice this continuous improvement mindset and get a few success stories under your belt. Then come tell us about it!

What’s your favorite Lemonly infographic?

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 11.44.43 AMI cannot possibly choose just ONE! But if I must: Lobsters – The Main Deal in Maine. I learned that combining lobsters, microbrew, and sweet visuals is always a good thing. One of the funnest life lessons I’ve learned!Other favorites of mine are:

One thing is for sure, Lemonly would not be the same without Becca around. Her infectious spirit and drive to make each project better than the next has been a great addition to Lemonly HQ.