Healthcare. It’s important, confusing, and not always particularly fun to talk about. Lemonly can’t back down from a challenge like that! We’ve worked our magic on medical content for clients like the World Health Organization, Nursegrid, Pfizer, athenahealth, and more.

This industry has all kinds of stories to tell — from giving everyday folks advice on how to handle an emergency situation to helping shape the ways health professionals deliver care to their patients.

Here are some lovely infographics about healthcare.


Treat patients. Keep accurate and efficient records. Protect patients’ privacy. Make sure your facility is properly staffed. With all the demands on healthcare professionals today, infographics present an opportunity to convey information in an efficient and impactful format.


Busting myths with cold, hard evidence — it’s an art form. Whether the piece uses charts and graphs or classic comparison tactics, we love an infographic aimed at spreading some facts.


New technology gives healthcare providers unprecedented access to underserved populations around the world. We’ve helped several clients spread the word about how they’re taking on that challenge.

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Human bodies are extremely complicated machines that do not come with owner’s manuals. Infographics help everyday folks learn more about how to keep themselves –– and those around them –– safe and healthy.


We’ve come a long way since wooden dentures and borrowing teeth from different species. Visuals help us spread the word about an oft-overlooked portion of the medical field: oral health.