If you went out, bought a unicycle, and tried to ride it down your block, chances are you’d be pretty terrible. If you did it a couple thousand more times, you’d probably be pretty decent. You’d learn from your mistakes, maybe ask some more experienced cyclists for some pointers, and eventually be able the summon the dark magic I assume it takes to maintain your balance on one of those things.

Over years of researching, writing, designing, refining, and launching projects filled with sweet visuals and dazzling data, we’ve gotten pretty good at figuring out what makes an infographic great. But we’d be remiss to not give some recognition to the work that got us here and continues to inspire us on a daily basis. So among forests and fireworks, millennials and mussels, interspersed in this list are infographics we’ve seen other agencies and individuals create, alongside Lemonly’s own. Dig into our picks for the 52 (or so) best infographics right now:

? See It In Southern Africa

? Culture Creators: Catalysts Of The Creative Revolution

? Where Should We Eat?

? 21 Ways To Unlock Creative Genius

Star Wars: The Data Force Awakens

? Approaching the Age of Autonomous Vehicles

? The Current State Of Opioid Prescribing

? 20 Summer Treats From Around The World

Building Trajan’s Column

? Favorite Foods Of The U.S. Presidents

? The Overwhelmed Beginner’s Guide To Golf

? Birth Settings in the U.S.

? Festival D’Art Pyrotechnique Cannes

The Straight Scoop on Ice Cream

? When Mothers Survive, Communities Thrive

? Who Is Sue the Dinosaur?

? The Case For Cans

The Majority of United States Forests Are Privately Owned

? Investing In Urban Resilience

? Lobsters: The Main Deal In Maine

? The World’s First In Recycling

New Orleans Neighborhood Guide

? From Farm to Chocolate Bar

? Ironman Triathlon

? Tequila!

Happy Sales To You

? Inside The Millennial Mind

? How To Make Whiskey

? Can My Dog Have…

Tier 1 ERP Software Insight

? The Dos & Don’ts For New York City

? Where’s The Best Spot To See The Total Solar Eclipse?

? Why Land Rights Matter

Festive, Fun, And Flammable

? The Ice Bowl 50-Year Anniversary

? New Orleans: A Breakdown of Traditional Cuisine

? Expanding Employer Leadership in Career Development

? Messaging Is The New Browser

Most Popular and Iconic Home Design Styles

? Famous Landmarks in Cairo

? Millennials: High Risk or Untapped Opportunity for Credit?

? Prestige Perfume Usage

The 4 Hottest Emerging Industries To Watch In 2018

? I’m Loving New Zealand Greenshell Mussels

? Uniquely Charlotte: A Neighborhood Guide

? How to Become a Morning Person

How the Television Has Evolved

? The Secret Cost of Death

? A Central Park Icon Reimagined: Essex House

? The Future of Broadband

? How Do I Get My Kids Outside?

Inforama: Insects