I think we can all agree vacations are supposed to be fun. Relatively inoffensive statement, right?

But when you’re trying to see every must-see, hit every hole-in-the-wall and maybe even make a few independent discoveries in just a few days, things get stressful pretty fast. Throw in a stubborn friend or maybe some impatient children, a car rental company that refuses to give you your Malibu despite the email that clearly states you had a reservation, and you’ve got a full-blown fiasco on your hands.

Over the course of hundreds of tourism-focused projects, we’ve helped travelers find the best burger in town, reap the benefits of rewards programs and make the most of every trip they take. Need some inspiration for your next destination? We packed a few of our favorite pieces.


Amber waves, majestic mountains, spacious skies! America the beautiful provides plenty of inspiration for our designers, and our diverse destinations make for endless opportunities to inform future travelers through the power of visuals. Grab a slice of apple pie and check out a few of our finest infographics about our home country. Eagle screeeeeeech.


It’s a big world out there, and we’d be remiss to focus our efforts entirely on our tiny corner of the globe. Our partnership with Marriott, among other incredible clients, has sent us all over the world to share fascinating history, bring attention to hidden gems, and to help globetrotters scratch their adventure itch.


Unfortunately, scientists have not yet established reliable travel to a dimension where the stresses of the real world do not exist. Since we’re stuck with limited timelines, budgets, arrangements, etc., we’ve put together numerous infographics that help viewers plan for and squeeze every ounce of R&R out of their trips. Anybody working on that interdimensional travel thing? Let me know what I can do to help.


We’re of the opinion that you haven’t really experienced a place until you’ve gotten a taste of its food scene. Skip the chain restaurants and let the experts do the dirty work — our food-focused infographics will tell you where to dine with illustrations almost as tasty as the dishes they portray.

These examples are only one leg of our tour — as one of our focus industries, we’ve cranked out hundreds of travel infographics over the years. Any ideas where we should go next?