You get a lot of questions when you start a new job. Ask me how I know.

So instead of a regular ol’ story about my first month at Lemonly, how I’ve met friendly coworkers, hit the ground running, and how I love it so far, I’m just going to try to remember one of the conversations I had with a friend and hope it answers all your questions. Here goes.

I heard you got a new gig. Congrats, man! What’s the place called again?

Yeah, thanks! Lemonly.

Right, right, Lemony. What do you do over there?

Well, my title is Content Manager, so I’ve been getting my hands dirty in all aspects of Lemonly’s writing process. I’ve written a few blog posts, a bunch of social media posts, some microcontent for Marriott Hotels, helped out on some infographics for the Sioux Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau, whipped up a video script we’ll be producing a little later on…

Whoa, so you actually work? I thought you just wrote tweets all day. What’s the place like?

I mean, I write a lot of tweets. But yeah, turns out our writers touch pretty much every project that comes in the door. Luckily, I’ve got a pretty killer content team surrounding me, and everyone here is ridiculously nice.

On my first day, my manager, Morgan, hooked me up with whatever gear I needed and showed me where the snacks are. My Co-Content Manager, Maddie, has been an awesome sounding board for ideas. And Michael has the coding chops to make them all happen. The whole team even gives you a slow clap at the end of your first Friday. It’s been pretty fun.

It’s downtown, right? Ever have problems getting there on time?

Yeah, it’s right next to Mackenzie River. If you call ’em up, they’ll have your order ready in 10 minutes or so. It’s the bomb. I’ve done it like five times already. Anyway, as long as you show up at your meetings and get your work done, it’s no big deal when or where you do it. I’ve cranked out copy at the coffee shop, on the couch upstairs, at home with the pup in my lap, at my desk in the middle of the night. Thinking about trying out one of these workations sometime, too.

That does sound dope. Can I have your job?

I’m not sure the offer is transferable.

And anyway, no.

That about cover it? If not, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @BWeeldreyer or just @Lemonly. I’ll probably be the one who sees your message/tweet/comment first.