Starting Monday, March 16th, Lemonly will be working remotely until further notice to help do our part in slowing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Business will continue as usual, the team will just be fully remote.

Collaboration is one of Lemonly’s core values, so we know we can continue to work with each other and our clients from home. Our commitment to working together as Lemonheads and with our clients goes unwavered.

What does Lemonly look like fully remote?

  • All in-person meetings for Lemonheads and clients will be structured as video/phone calls. (We use Zoom and UberConference to do so, with preference for video when possible.)
  • All Lemonheads will work remotely from their homes and will not travel regionally or nationally for work projects or conferences.
  • All employees are welcome to bring any equipment home from the office if needed, like monitors, keyboards, etc.
  • When we go back to being in the office, employees who travel for personal reasons to “hot-spot” areas with the virus will work remotely for a period of at least five days if they’re symptom-free and at least 14 days if symptoms do arise. 
  • We will continue to monitor the spread of the virus in our surrounding area and will update our policy as needed.

Why we came to this decision

This is uncharted territory, folks. We agree with our friends at Pollen and are doing our best to use the information we have to make decisions in the best interest of our team and our communities. With so much about COVID-19 yet unknown, we want to be preventative instead of reactive; taking small steps now could mean we all avoid more dramatic measures down the road.

Leaders globally, nationally, and locally have a responsibility to make the best choices for their employees, partners, and community, and this is our way of leading before absolutely necessary.

Instead of waiting for a fellow employee to exhibit symptoms, we’d much rather act now, especially as some Lemonheads have loved ones with compromised immune systems.

Because we already support a few fully remote employees and remote work is an option for all our HQ Lemonheads, this isn’t a drastic change for our organization. We have the privilege of working for a company that can operate “business as usual” while fully remote, so we are going to do so and we encourage others in similar situations to do the same.

While we’ll miss seeing the big lemon light of HQ every day, we don’t want to see anyone get sick. Keep an eye on our social media channels over the next few weeks as we share our tips for remote work and our “home office” set-ups. Also, wash your hands. ?