Here at Lemonly, we love to make things pretty.

We do infographics. Infographics pass on information visually. They need to catch people’s attention. Our designers are amazing, but we also have developers. How do we fit in?

The internet has made major leaps in the past five years in making the experience more interactive. One of the biggest jumps has been in web animation, giving life to the otherwise static web.

Web animators are basically the gods of the internet. Sort of. Foolish mortals!

Anyway, web animation is one of the many things the developers do here at Lemonly. We use a combination of SVGs (scalable vector graphics), CSS animations, and JavaScript to create movement and make things fun for the viewer. Here are a few examples of what we’ve done.

Fort Lauderdale, Cinema Paradiso | Marriott

See the Pen Fort Lauderdale – Cinema Paradiso by Ryan Leichliter (@LeKohrs) on CodePen.

This was a fun project. Kiel Mutschelknaus designed an awesome site for Marriott that had these amazing faces. I was super excited when I got this project. Above is one of the faces that I was able to animate. #Greensock #SVG

Salem, Massachusetts, Spellbound Tours | Marriott

See the Pen Spellbound Tours – Salem by Ryan Leichliter (@LeKohrs) on CodePen.

Another site we did for Marriott. Chris Biewer, our resident animation expert, designed this infographic talking about the many attractions available in Salem, Massachusetts. This particular image was really fun to animate. #Greensock #SVG

Case Studies | Lemonly


See the Pen Lemonly – Case StudyTransition by Ryan Leichliter (@LeKohrs) on CodePen.

(If nothing moves, hover over the animation and click the rerun button in the bottom corner.)

If you’ve explored the Lemonly site much, you may have noticed the transition from our case studies to the individual portfolio pieces. Josh Broton, our senior developer, created and animated this process, and Creative Director Amy Colgan designed it. #SVG #Trianglify #CSSTransitions

One of the reasons I like working for Lemonly is that they make information pretty. Now I get to make it fun!