Why Ingredients Matter

A couple of Lemonly Hackathons ago, one team was tasked with establishing a better way of organizing the kickoff call preparation process. The outcome? Our custom and interactive intake form, Lemonly Ingredients!

If you’ve ever worked on a project with us, a member of our business development team probably asked you to take about 10 minutes to review and complete your project’s “Ingredients” before connecting you with a project manager. Typically, John will answer the majority of these questions for you based on their conversations throughout the consultation process, but we want to give you the opportunity to review and add any further comments you have (and share them with your team involved on the project to make sure everyone is on the same page).

This questionnaire acts as the briefing document when your project moves into the execution phase. Prior to the kickoff call, your project manager and creative team will review your Ingredients and prepare any specific questions we’ll need settled to make the process go smoothly for everybody involved.

Why do I need to fill Ingredients out?

You wouldn’t start baking something if there were blank spaces on the recipe card, would you? Likewise, we want to have the main components of your project laid out nice and neat from the get-go. That way, our team can add the zest and whip up something sweet.

Your answers help our team get a solid grasp of what your vision is for the project and what it will entail. With the information you’ve provided, we can hand-pick a team that’s tailored to knock your project out of the park, as well as giving us a road map to reference as it begins to take shape. A little prep work now means a whole lot of time saved further down the line.

What questions are in Ingredients?

From the broad to the nitty-gritty, we want to get big-picture vision and small details all accounted for in your words. You’ll find questions as high-level as “What’s the goal of your infographic?” and as specific as “Which social media channels will you share this on?”

Ingredients questions are in two buckets: project-specific questions and administrative questions about your organization.

Project-specific questions include:

  • An overview of your preferences for design
  • Places to upload your brand guidelines and logos
  • Goals for the project
  • Who the key decision-makers are

Administrative questions give us important details like:

  • Your address (we need to know where to send those delicious lemon cookies!)
  • To whom we need to send invoices

When do I need to fill Ingredients out?

We need each question filled out a least two days before we jump on our kickoff call with you — we care about them so much, we won’t even schedule your kickoff until they’re completed! So the sooner you get your form filled out, the sooner we can start brainstorming.

Your Ingredients are the PERFECT primer for that initial call between your team and ours. We’ll walk through your answers and dig in further to any answers we’d like more information on.

And that’s it! We appreciate the time you take to complete your Ingredients and for trusting our time-tested process. We can’t thank you enough for working with us and are excited to get started on creating sweet visuals with you.