Did you know that March 31st is World Backup Day?Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 11.45.54 AM

With our computers, tablets, and phones now holding so much personal data that is near and dear to our hearts, it’s nothing short of a catastrophe when you lose a phone, your hard drive crashes, or you drop your tablet down a few flights of stairs. If you have your data backed up to another drive or another account in the cloud, it’s not AS big of a heartbreak when the machines we use and depend of everyday either stop working or get ruined (though it still stings a bit).

If your data isn’t backed up though, that’s a whole new story. Thousands of  your songs, pictures, videos, documents, etc. could suddenly be gone. Forever.

Didn’t get those wedding pictures printed? Forgot to save that 1000-page spreadsheet for work somewhere else? What about the recording of that love song you made for your sweetie in Garageband? If you didn’t back your data up, you may have to kiss those files goodbye for good.

Scary, right? Well fear no more, because we compiled a list of five infographics to help explain the basics about backing up data.



1. Peace of Mind? Back it up!

This infographic by Seagate goes to show how personal data loss can be and just what people value most on their computers. Did you know women are more likely than men to not backup their data?



2. Back it Up on March 31

In this Lemonly infographic, we teamed up with World Backup Day to help spread awareness about the need to protect data in 2012. If you’re not sure about which byte is bigger between a petabyte and an exabyte, this can help too!



3. The Future of Online Backup

It can cost a lot more to recover your data than it does to have a system in place to back it up on a regular basis. This graphic by Backblaze is an overview of data loss and features a great section on the costs of repairs or data recovery.



4. Backup Facts and Fixes: Understanding the Importance of Routine Fixes

Did you know you have three easy options to backing up your data? While people know they should back their machines up, they aren’t always sure how to do it. This graphic by gTECHserv has a great checklist showing where you can back your files up and just what should be backed up.



5. The Past, Present, and Future of Data Storage

Our ability to receive store and recall data has changed tremendously throughout the centuries. This interesting infographic by Mozy shows the evolution of data storage from the dawn of man to the future. Remember punch cards and floppy disks?


Hopefully this list of graphics helps motivate you to start backing everything up on a regular basis for you. If you already are, give yourself a pat on the back! Got any other infographics to add to the list? Just let us know in the comments below.

Happy backing up!