LemonsReadBooksWith the turn of the new year, several of our team members set reading goals — 69% of us set reading goals. Since so many Lemonheads are reading (and who doesn’t have a summer reading list), we wanted to see how everyone was progressing, as well as get their recommendations.

We also asked what genres each lemonhead typically reads. Here were their responses:

  • Non-fiction (4 people)
  • Fiction (2)
  • Fantasy (2)
  • Business/Leadership (2)
  • Biographies & Memoirs (1)
  • Magical Realism & Contemporary (1)
  • Design (1)
  • Comics/Manga (1)
  • Historical Romance (1)
  • Children’s Books (1)

Lemonhead book recommendations: 


We also did some extensive research on how everyone else reads. See our first GIFographic to get all the facts!

facts about reading GIFographic - Lemonly