Houseplants are some of the trendiest, most versatile elements of home decor for a good reason: They’re natural, aesthetically appealing, and they can even boost your mood and lower stress levels. But they’re also a bit more difficult to maintain than a wall clock or the taped-up, unframed band poster you had in your college dorm.

As avid plant parents, Hayleigh and I — Lemonly’s 2022 SLICE intern duo — can confirm that the effort is worth the reward. We also know that with a little extra work and some helpful tips, you too can cultivate and care for a variety of houseplants that will brighten your home. So read on and start growing houseplants for yourself! We’re rooting for you. 😉

Illustrated infographic featuring tips about growing healthy houseplants

And that concludes the first infographic the Lemonly 2022 summer interns grew from the ground up! If you want to learn more about the zesty crew that created this flourishing feature, you can check out our intro Q&A and our mid-summer check-in. You can also connect with us and the rest of the Lemonheads on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.