Break out that keytar and call up your blissfully unemployed friend Bobby, who you’ll ask to be your manager, roadie, and PR person, because it’s time: You’re starting a band.

It might take a bit of work to book the tour dates and, you know, find a drummer, singer, bassist, rhythm guitarist, bagpipe-ist(?), whatever… and write the songs. But the hardest part—naming your band—is as easy as clicking the “jam out” button below:

Now, while you might be imagining that at the end of the ethernet cable there’s a group of highly inventive naming consultants who know your very essence and, in a flash, have come up with a band name that perfectly fits you… well, that’s not exactly the case. Truth is, that band name generator is something you can make. And you should!

As part of Lemonly’s cross-pollination sessions, I taught my coworkers about JavaScript, an ultra-important computer programming language, by building a band name generator. My teammates Brandon and Maddie happily wordsmithed a large bunch of band name pieces to make this whole thing possible.

Now you, too, can learn about JavaScript. Here’s the quick, seven-minute lesson on how to make a band name generator. Further below, you’ll find the complete, assembled code that goes into creating the generator.