Visual storytelling engages audiences better than text alone. When viewers can interact with elements of a story, they’re even more invested than they are with static visuals.

Interactive infographics help tell stories that captivate audiences by encouraging them to take part in the story and spend more time with the content. Interactive elements like expandable pop-ups, scrolling carousels, and clickable callouts let viewers explore content in a more active way than reading a static piece.

We’ve gathered a few of our favorite interactive infographics to show how brands can use interactivity to make their stories engaging, memorable, and fun. Check ‘em out below!

Weather Ready Nebraska (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Preview of Weather Ready Nebraska interactive infographic for University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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This interactive microsite for UNL helps farmers understand how to prepare for and adapt to various weather conditions. Users can select a season and one of four climate conditions, then click to see tips and resources to organize every area of their farming operation. 

Letting users select the season and conditions and click into the relevant areas of the farm makes this interactive way more concise and digestible than listing all the possible combinations in a single static piece.

Malaria-Free Future (Abbott)

Preview of Malaria-Free Future interactive infographic for Abbott

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This interactive for Abbott uses beautiful photography, animated charts, and smooth interactivity to inform readers about a new type of malaria test that supports an end to malaria. Simple animations and clear iconography give the site a professional and friendly feel. New information populates as the viewer scrolls, and clickable callouts display additional details about what viewers are most interested in.

Arts and Culture in Sioux Falls (Experience Sioux Falls)

Preview of Arts & Culture interactive infographic for Experience Sioux Falls

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This sweet interactive infographic shows off the art and culture scene in our hometown of Sioux Falls, SD. Readers can click around on the infographic to learn more about some of the city’s best spots for theater, visual art, and fine dining. Clickable buttons conveniently lead folks to more information  and tickets to top attractions.

Tip: If you have a story you want to share that’s a bit wordy, consider adding clickable elements that can show or hide bulleted information.

Family Fun in Scottsdale (Marriott)

Preview of Family Fun in Scottsdale interactive infographic for Marriott

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For Marriott’s Scottsdale hotels, we made an interactive infographic that’s fun to look at and click on. Viewers make decisions using a flow chart that helps determine how they might spend their time in the city, and their results show more information about their top choices. The interactivity gives vacationers control over the type of trip they have, offering curated attractions that feel customized to the user’s selections.

Dynatrace Microservices (Dynatrace)

Preview of Microservices interactive infographic for Dynatrace

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We developed this super-slick interactive ebook for Dynatrace, a cloud technology company. This interactive infographic explains their microservices in a simplified, engaging way. 

We love this microsite because it dares to ask: Why choose between an infographic and an interactive quiz when you could have both?! This interactive features clickable elements that display more information and multiple-choice questions to help readers determine their preparedness for microservices boom in software development. The visuals and interactive elements make the information more accessible and fun than a traditional infographic or ebook. 

All About Ocean Seeding (Oceanos)

Preview of Ocean Seeding interactive infographic for Oceanos

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This interactive infographic for Oceanos provides information about the world’s greatest natural resource: the ocean. As viewers scroll, they learn about ocean seeding, a critical effort to restore plankton in its natural habitat to feed fish and keep the ecosystem balanced. 

When viewers can take in small chunks of data at a time by clicking on different parts of a microsite, like in this infographic, they have an easier time processing complex information.

Doctor of Pharmacy Degree (University of California-San Francisco)

Preview of Doctor of Pharmacy interactive infographic for University of California-San Francisco

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UCSF’s microsite for their Doctor of Pharmacy program captures the attention of future pharmacists with clean visuals and subtle animations. As users scroll, they’ll find information about what they’ll learn in the program, how they’ll work, and how it improves patient care. 

Animations guide readers through a logical flow of information, and hover states display more details as users mouse around the page. 

Nine Million Reasons to Support Learning (California Teachers Association)

Preview of California Teachers Association interactive infographic

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Lemonly + educators = a sweet duo. This microsite shares ten initiatives the California Teachers Association is enacting to ensure a quality education for all students. Scroll animations and fun characters keep the information feeling fresh and inviting as visitors read through the piece. Share buttons let users easily share their favorite information directly to social media. 

3-D Interactive Annual Report (Lemonly)

Preview of Lemonly 3-D interactive annual report

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2021 was a big year for the Lemonheads, and we loved showcasing our best moments with this 3-D interactive experience. We used a desktop scene and household objects to create a scavenger hunt populated with highlights from our year. Users can move around the room, explore, and click to their heart’s content. Love what you see? Read more about our 3-D interactive — including some fun Easter eggs you can hunt for inside.

Interactivity can make just about any content more engaging, especially when paired with thoughtfully structured content and beautiful design. The interactive elements in these infographics help condense information, clarify flow, and allow audiences to take control of the story by choosing what they want to see. 

Want to get started crafting your very own interactive infographic? Lemonly can help you create a fun, user-friendly interactive piece for any audience. Let’s chat!