Let’s face it. Toby from “The Office” should not be the face of HR.

It’s a travesty. A hilarious travesty, no doubt. But Toby’s hangdog expression doesn’t align with the story we want to tell with Humans and Resources, Lemonly’s new podcast about HR for a new generation of businesses.

The story we want to tell is about valued employees. It’s about bosses who want to offer freedom and stability. Whether that means an encouraging remote-working policy, an extended maternity policy, or simply a fridge with beer, this new generation of businesses deserves credit for rewarding their teams’ hard work.

We start this story by meeting with our friends at Flywheel, the WordPress hosting company in Omaha, just down the road from Lemonly HQ in Sioux Falls, SD. Since the very beginning, Flywheel has offered its employees unlimited vacation.

Now, with Humans and Resources, we want to learn from the best companies in the world, ask ourselves if Lemonly’s policies are working, and talk about it all transparently on the podcast. So when we met with Flywheel’s CEO Dusty Davidson and its Marketing Coordinator Bridget McQuillan, we wanted to know: How does unlimited vacation work?

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