It’s the interns again! You’ve gotten to know us a bit over the course of this internship, between our blog posts and our work, so you may be wondering the same things our parents and friends are wondering: What do we actually do all day?

We decided to answer that question with a little “day in the life” post, breaking down what a typical day looks like in each of our roles. Real responsibility, real deadlines, and real fun. For real. 
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Natalie – Project Manager Intern

8:03 – Stroll into Lemonly, plug in the neon Lemon light, and grab a cup of coffee.
8:11 – Talk with Chris B. about how many Pokemon he caught on his way to work.
8:19 – Buckle down and start going through emails.
9:00 – Client call with creative director Amy C. to walk through the latest draft for some User Interface mockups, recap notes from meeting and put them into Basecamp, email client with next steps and double-check that we are still on schedule with the timeline.
10:00 – Walk to the stadium for our Monday morning meeting, talk about everyone’s availability during the week, debate whether it should be called a sloppy joe/tavern/loose meat sandwich, and hear about everyone’s milestones (work-related, babies, etc.)
10:46 – Talk through a new potential project with CEO John and create a proposal to send over.
Noon – Lunch time! Meet up with my sister and niece for lunch at Mackenzie River.
12:58 – Check emails and talk through any edits that have come through with the designer on each project.
1:55 – Try to figure out what kind of animal project manager Tess saw on her run yesterday.
2:03 – Brainstorm sesh with fellow interns Christian and Maddie to determine what the next intern project should be.
4:00 – Kick-off call with Tess and new client, talk through the call afterwards and determine our next steps.
4:50 – It’s almost 5 o’clock right? Beverage time to celebrate the end of a great project.
5:15 – Check over my calendar for the next day, pack up, and head on home.


Maddie – Content Intern

8:43 – Walk in the office, put my lunch in the kitchen and grab a cup of coffee.
8:45 – Check email, read TheSkimm newsletter.
9:00 – Compliment podmate Colin’s choice of Spotify playlist. Our pod has cleaning duties and music privileges for the week.
9:03 – Check out Lemonly’s social media notifications from the previous day, schedule some more posts.
10:14 – Continue research and copywriting for an internal infographic on what to do in a medical emergency.
11:22 – Discuss an internal project with designer Molly and marketing manager Morgan, ultimately decide it should be two separate infographics.
Noon – Make a Ninja Turtles mac and cheese cup, discuss noodle shapes vs. standard noodles with coworkers.
12:05 – Eat mac and cheese cup, work on social media image sizes spreadsheet.
1:11 – Proofread a couple of wireframes on Red Pen. John does a Steven Tyler impression.
2:00 – Meet with Morgan and John to discuss social media and blog content.
2:41 – Take my work to the stairs, sit with Natalie and Christian, more medical emergency research for a new project.
4:02 – Go back to my desk, send the final medical emergency graphic copy to Molly so she can start wireframing.
4:05 – Check out the copy feedback from client on the video script, make requested changes.
4:45 – Load the dishwasher.
4:56 – Send Alyssa a few ideas for #DataVizDay features.
5:10 – Pack up and roll out.


Christian – Graphic Design Intern

8:30 – Compare the trials and tribulations of Pokemon Go with animator Chris B.
8:35 – Get some coffee.
8:44 – Check Basecamp to see where my project due dates are.
9:00 – Illustrate a secret aardvark for a client.
9:36 – Refill coffee cup, resume aardvark illustrating.
10:30 – Do some research for a Harry Potter infographic (to see if I’m still eligible to go there).
12:15 – Order food at Mackenzie River and go find some Pokemon while it’s cooking.
1:00 – Learn about skewing a stroke and storing it into my library.
2:00 – Meet Maddie and Natalie on the stairs, discuss ideas for our next project.
3:00 – Meet creative crew on the stairs for our weekly meeting.
3:22 – Make a new pot of coffee.
3:35 – Work on some microcontent for a new nonprofit client.
5:30 – Watch the neon sign go off and head home.

Bonus: In case you missed our Snapchat takeover on Miracle Treat Day! (It’s about the only “intern” type task we’ve all done together this summer.)