Editor’s note: April Fools! While we love podcasts, Audio Visuals isn’t continuing. Thanks to the fans who listened—hope you enjoyed the fun! We’ll continue to bring the world’s best visual content to you in other ways.

What if we told you visual content doesn’t have to be visual? What if you could experience the world’s best infographics without the barrier of visual perception?

Introducing Audio Visuals, an audio tour of the world’s best infographics hosted by your favorite Lemonly content experts, Nick Lorang and Maddie Mack.

Audio Visuals Podcast Artwork
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Audio Visuals is a Lemonly Original Podcast, launching worldwide from today. Get ready to experience sweet visuals like you’ve never heard them before.

“With the launch of Audio Visuals, we’re excited to bring in-depth discussions of great visual content to millions of listeners around the world,” said Nick Lorang, marketing manager.

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. But what specifically would those thousands of words be? That’s what Audio Visuals is all about.

“We’re always looking for new ways to help share important stories and help our audiences engage with our content,” said Maddie Mack, senior content manager. 

“There are some great tools out there for people who need or want to consume their content without visuals, but we think we can add a little something extra with Audio Visuals. We read you the information on the infographic and use our unique audio design to effectively describe the visuals on the piece at the same time with personality and flair. We’re like your own personal screen-readers.”

In the first episode, Nick and Maddie discuss (and describe!) one of our favorite classic Lemonly infographics, the “Overwhelmed Beginner’s Guide to Golf.” See the infographic here, and follow along with their lively and in-depth discussion of the infographic. (Too soon?)

You can listen and subscribe to Audio Visuals on Spotify.

“We’re confident we’ll be able to give our listeners the same quality content experience they’d get from viewing the infographics themselves on a website or in print,” Mack said.

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