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When we moved into our new office location on Main Ave., we were wanting to utilize our new amenities like the stadium seating and presentation space in-house for more than just our Monday morning call with the Lemonheads. We also noticed that we definitely had a curious team that had started to post topics they’d like to learn more about for potential infographic projects in a slack channel titled #themoreyouknow.

With that in mind, a new bi-weekly event called Lunch and Learn was created.

We have a small committee in-house that we refer to as the PPC, or Party Planning Committee for all of you The Office fans, that has been given the task of organizing the event where we learn something in one hour or less during lunch, with lunch provided of course. It is totally optional, so Lemonheads can attend as their schedule or interest allows.

It took some of brainstorming to get this kicked-off but after a bit of deliberation, the PPC decided that our first Lunch and Learn would teach us how to make sushi. So good, right? Who doesn’t love sushi? (If you don’t, just get out. 🙂 )

We brought in the ever-talented husband of our Project Manager Becca, Wes Eisenhauer; who, by the way, went to culinary school. Not only does he help us with photos and videos, but the man can also cook. Wes pre-made about eight sushi rolls before his presentation, showed us how to roll those sweet thangs, and then let us get our hands dirty and try for ourselves. Look a little into our session below:

Huge thanks to Wes for volunteering his time to both prepare and demonstrate his sushi-rolling skills for us. He totally killed it and we definitely learned a thing or two.

Though we have a few great Lunch and Learn sessions in the works, “How to Make Sushi” will definitely be a hard one to beat.

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