You won’t find Lemonly’s co-founder and Creative Director Amy Colgan and Senior Developer Josh Broton bragging about the new website they created for Lemonly — so I will. These two, along with help from others at Lemonly, just released a website you’re going to love. As Director of Business Development for Lemonly, I might be biased, but take a look for yourself. I’ll be surprised if you disagree with me. Let’s take a tour of some of my favorite parts.

Homepage home

Let’s start with the homepage. It’s clean. It’s chic. And most of all, it’s easily navigable, especially for new clients. Everything you need and nothing you don’t. You can learn about our services and gain an understanding of our workflow process by following the lemon through its animated journey. Also, the whole website is responsive. Whether you’re looking at it on your phone or your computer at work, you’ll see it the same. Josh is the king of responsive.

Case Studiescase-study

Jumping to our new work page. Here, you’re able to take a look at a few case studies that highlight some of the work we’re most proud of. From challenges, to work accomplished, to client testimonials, this approach offers a great way to see just what we do and how we work. If you want to see individual examples of infographics, click the portfolio button below the case studies.


If you’re looking for something specific, like infographics about NYC or annual reports, type it into our new, big ole search bar. Want to see only work done with Major League Baseball? You can do that, too. Our work page is easily one of my favorite parts of the new site. It’s much easier to find something if you know what you’re looking for, but also great if you want to quickly browse examples of our work.


Moving on to our blog. We’re proud of the content we create internally and we’re excited to share it. This page has been restructured so you can now see the variety of posts we publish, and the new blog setup helps us spread the word with ease. This page is extremely functional and again, you can check out our posts in chronological order, or if you’re looking for specific content, utilize our big search bar. I love that thing.


For those interested in working at Lemonly, we’ve created a Jobs page that not only highlights our job openings but also tells applicants more about who we are as a company. You can scroll down to learn about the benefits we offer and read about career experiences from current Lemonheads. If you’re curious about what office life is like at Lemonly,  you can see a preview on our Instagram feed since we post most of our shenanigans there.

What Else? client

There are so many other features of this website that you’ll love. Make sure to check out our list of clients on the Client Page and look for your friends on our Team page (catch my smiling mug near the bottom — I’m still a rookie). Like I said, Amy and Josh aren’t going to brag about this new website, but I will. The two of them managed to find time to finish this site in the midst of the 300+ projects we’ve completed this year.

So there’s the tour. If you’d like to talk to Lemonly about making sweet visuals for you or your team, give us a holler on the Contact tab or on the Request a Quote button on the top right hand corner of any page. I’d love to see you as excited about your finished projects as I am about this one.