In the middle of a busy spring, the time for the fourth-annual Lemonly hackathon arrived.

With each employee as busy as ever, it would have been easy for us as a company to put the event off and wait until it slows down. But that’s not how we do things around here. This is a part of who we are as a company and value how much the event helps us continue to be home of the world’s best infographics.

This year, we followed our format of pausing client work for 24 hours to place our focus on simply making the company better. It didn’t matter if the “better” was directed towards improving the company experience our clients, our employees, or our community. Following our usual hackathon flow, we placed all of our opportunities and ideas on the Post-it notes, organized them on the wall and voted on which four items we would tackle. In the past, we’ve challenged separate teams to work on similar solutions, but this year we had four teams work on different ideas, creating even more to be accomplished in a short period of time.

Here’s what the teams tackled:

  1. Improving the in-office experience for clients and employees alike
  2. Automating project timeline creation
  3. Surprising and delighting clients before and after a project
  4. Celebrating Lemonly artists and exploring creativity outside of client work

Being extremely visual beings, we figured we’d make a behind-the-scenes highlight reel of the event. (Wrap-up party featuring karaoke not featured, thank goodness.)

New to the Lemonly hackathon concept? Wondering what the value of the hackathon is to Lemonly? We wrote about that last year here.

Still curious about how it all works? We dove into that here.

If you’d like to chat even more about hackathons, we’d be happy to talk. Just tweet us @lemonly or email us.