Let’s talk about Lemonly in a nutshell.

Okay, now back to business.

Whenever people ask what Lemonly does, every Lemonhead has a different answer.

  • “Lemonly works at the intersection of story and visuals, specializing in infographics, videos, and interactives.”
  • “Lemonly visualizes data for companies in the form of illustrated pieces, microcontent, gifs, videos, websites, etc.”
  • “Lemonly takes spreadsheets of boring data and makes them fun to look at.”
  • “Lemonly makes infographics. Generally, we’re in advertising. Our office is next to Mackenzie River.”
  • “Lemonly is a graphic design company that specializes in infographics. We make data and statistics look visually appealing and interesting.”

The above answers are all true, but they don’t tell the whole story. It’s tough to sum up the value we strive to provide our clients and get to the root of what we do every day. Regardless if you know what an infographic is or not, this alliterative little mantra should help you decide if we could lend a hand:

Lemonly takes abstract to actionable, boring to brilliant, and complex to concise.

The end result varies, but our mission is consistent from project to project. Instead of leading with “what” (infographics, videos, interactives), we want to tell you “why.” No matter what story your company has to tell, we can help — especially if your message could use some spicing up, your narrative needs some love, the data doesn’t get your message across, or explaining a process has become too cumbersome.

How do we do it? With each project, we work through our patented Lemonly process  (okay, not actually patented) for maximum satisfaction and exceptional efficiency. With over 2,000 projects under our belt, we know a thing or two about the process of creating visual stories.

If you’re ready to start transforming your abstract, boring or complex stories, check out our work page for inspiration and fill out our handy form to talk us through your ideas. We’d love to see how we can partner together.