Rachel Speiser is our new Content Champion Intern. She graduated in May 2014 from South Dakota State University with a degree in Advertising. The following is an account of her first day at Lemonly.

Rachel Lemonly Banner PhotoAs I walked into office 440, I was immediately greeted with a friendly wave and smile from Co-Founder/CEO John Meyer. After brief introductions, the kind staff welcomed me to their weekly standup meeting, where everyone answers this week’s question — “What would you title your autobiography?” — and shares an update on their work. The team named a variety of world-class clients, including Johnson & Johnson, Marriott International and the Green Bay Packers, brands I recognize and respect. It’s hard to imagine, but I could potentially be researching and writing content for this renowned client base!

I then got settled in and learned the ropes of Lemonly and their stunning infographics by watching introductory videos, reviewing many successful graphics, and reading previous blog articles — trying to absorb as much information as I possibly could. Morgan Hauck, community/project manager, introduced me to a variety of online tools and services Lemonly uses to get work done or published, including but not limited to: HubSpot, Cage, Basecamp, Udemy, Harvest, WordPress, Slack and several others. I assumed this already, but this is an exceedingly tech-savvy bunch of people, and I look forward to sharpening my digital mindset.

As the day progressed, I made note of a few things. I witnessed many smiles, friendly conversations and good times in the midst of intense focus and high productivity. Jokes are frequent in meetings, and there’s a great balance of diligence and fun. I must say, the sweet spirits of my fellow Lemonheads are contagious and fuel my eagerness to take on new and diverse projects.

I’m ready to immerse myself into the world of creating understanding through sweet visuals. My mind is filled with a whirlwind of information. But I’m confident that with some hard work, guidance from my coworkers and dedicated determination, I’ll catch up and make the most out of this outstanding internship opportunity!