Just like a house, the Lemonly website needs updates.

Sure, there are the regular tasks you do. The lawn needs mowed, and the blog posts need posted.

But just as you might get a new front door, resplendent in a bold new color — how about yellow? — our website deserves little touchups here and there.

And here on the web, Lemonly’s neighbors aren’t lining Main Street in Sioux Falls. They’re the competition. And boy, do we want to win Most Beautiful Lawn/Landing Page.

So let’s roll out the ribbon and the oversized scissors. Because this is a grand reopening of the Lemonly website.


Ring the doorbell, and we’ll meet you with a smile. Our main call-to-action on the new homepage is a big button labeled “Talk to Us.”

Lemonly website

Give that a click, or across the site, tap the little chat button in the lower-right, and you’ll have a direct line to Morgan Larson, our director of communications. She’ll happily answer any questions you might have.

Above all else, Lemonly prides itself on our people. To invite you into our office, you’ll also see a new video featuring our people (and Dwight bobblehead) playing atop our homepage.


A flick of your scrolling finger brings you to our case studies, a collection of Lemonly’s very best work. We moved these to the front page, listed the big results we’ve helped clients achieve, and added a couple more like our lead-generation for Demandbase and our conversation creation for the GRAMMYs.

Generate Leads with DemandbaseCreate Conversation with the GRAMMYs


Lobsters: The Main Deal in MaineFrom the hallway of our navigation bar up top, you’ll find our rejuvenated work page. You can now filter our infographics, websites, microcontent and more by industry.

A couple of my favorites? Well, as a millennial redhead with glasses, I love this graphic for ID Analytics.

And because I love travel and beautiful watercolor-inspired designs, I also adore this infographic on Maine lobster.


What did I say about smiles? I wanted to wrap up this tour with our sharp new photos.

Lemonly team

It’s fun to work with all these folks. And best part of a website? You don’t have to swing any hammers to hang a few more pictures. 🙂


Hope you enjoy the updates! We’ll let you come by our place anytime, online or in person.

Now give Morgan a shout via the chat bubble to your right, and let her know what you think!