For several months I’ve been considering what the next step is for Lemonly. Where does our company coming go? Who’s our next customer? What’s the future of infographics? I think we finally found that answer.

It’s an exciting day here at the Lemonly HQ as we have a juicy announcement. We’ve always been sweet, not sour here at Lemonly but today we’re adding a little bit of tart. You know, an extra edge to compete in the market.

Announcing Limely

That’s right, we’re going global. Today, on April 1, 2014, we’re excited to announce the opening of a global office in Mumbai, India. Fun fact, India is the largest producer of both lemons and limes in the world. Don’t believe me, check out this chart on Wikipedia.

We feel like expanding to India really makes Lemon/Lime-ly a global force for infographics, data visualization, and visual storytelling.

This move isn’t just an outsource to India deal. We’ll be opening up a five-story state of the art building in Mumbai and have already gathered over 100 of the best designers across India.

Thank you to all our friends, family, clients, and fans for all the support and let’s see what we can do when we combine lemons and limes. Stay tuned for more details.