In case you missed our intro post, Lemonly managed to snag three Jackrabbits for the summer. There’s me (Maddie) on content, designer Christian, and Natalie managing projects. We’ve all known each other for a few years, so it’s been fun to get to work together!

Intern-Group-Shots_11Here’s a recap of our first couple of weeks living la vida Lemonly:


Our first task as interns was an in-depth online quiz to determine our Hogwarts house. (I tried to contain my excessive excitement. First impressions, you know.)
We shared our results and heard the rest of the team’s at the full group meeting that morning. In case you’re wondering, Christian and I are in Gryffindor, Natalie is a Hufflepuff, and there are no Slytherins on staff.

Settling in

Intern-Group-Shots_14The lemonheads managed to strike a perfect balance between making us feel welcome and giving us some space to acclimate ourselves. Our outstanding success lead Morgan made sure we had the resources to get comfortable with what we’re going to do, get a taste of what everyone else does, and learn why we do it.

We watched videos and tutorials, took a little online course on infographics, went over the operations process chart with Becca, turned picture day with Michael into a pillow fight, had our first Lunch and Learn with Corey and Wes at The Breaks Coffee Roasting Co. – we got a little bit of everything.

Speaking the language

Obviously, we’re experts now. We’ve figured out that our online tools have nothing to do with mountain climbing (Basecamp, Slack) or farming (Harvest), and we can use hip acronyms to say stuff like “The PMs who aren’t on PTO are getting the GSQs.” See? Experts.

Sweet visuals

Our first infographic has already reached the design phase, so Chris is hard at work. We can’t wait to show off the finished product! Meanwhile, Natalie and I alternate between asking Chris if he’s done yet, working on other projects, and researching prospects (companies who really want to work with Lemonly but don’t know it yet). John said to make sure and include our dream clients, so Kate Spade, expect a call from us. Chris is crossing his fingers for NASA.

Until next time, the Lemonly interns will just keep swimming. (Hint, hint.)