In the Midwest, nothing brings people together quite like food. Summertime backyard barbecues, family gatherings for holiday celebrations, or even grabbing some takeout with a friend can be the highlight of your week.

However, when discussing Midwestern foods, sometimes things get lost in translation. You can practically hear the “Wait, what?!” run through someone’s head when they don’t use the same terminology or when introducing a Midwestern delicacy to someone from beyond the heartland.

The 2020 SLICE intern duo, Luke and I, decided this common kerfuffle over chosen food lingo in the Midwest would provide educational and entertaining information for our very first infographic.

We’ve created a guide to help you—whether you’re from South Dakota (like us) or reading this from afar—better understand the unique menu of the region. Hopefully, it doesn’t make you too hungry…and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about our regional dishes and dialect.

Infographic: The Proof is in the Potluck: A Guide to Midwestern Food Terminology


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