Kirsten_800x800Internships can be a bit intimidating at first, mainly because you never really know what to expect. Will I be taking coffee orders for co-workers? Sorting through mail? Making some cold calls? Will I be assigned crazy tasks I have no idea how to accomplish?

While all of these are possibilities as an intern, on my first day at Lemonly, I was relieved to know this would not be the case at all. Phew!

My first week as the social media intern was busy getting more familiar with Lemonly’s culture, ideas, and talent of the fellow Lemonheads. It was pretty overwhelming at first, but I was more than ready to take on this new experience with an amazingly talented company and eager to learn more. Here’s a look at what my first month has been like:

3 things I’ve learned in my internship (so far):

  1. Infographics help tell a story and explain data in a visual and more effective way.
  2. A company’s voice online is unique and is the base to their social content, but may vary from platform to platform.
  3. It’s good to bring new ideas to the table even if they aren’t used. If you have new ideas or suggestions, speak up!

3 cool things I’ve been a part of:

  1. Lemonly’s open house/ribbon cutting event at our new HQ. It was an inspiring and cool way to see the support and relationships Lemonly has within the community and their clients!
  2. The Valentine’s day lunch and learn and being on the winning team for the Valentine’s Day box contest! (Shout out to team #3 – The Love-O-Matic!)
  3. The social content meetings every Monday to go over weekly Google Analytics reports and goals for Lemonly’s social content.

3 things I’ve learned about the Lemonheads:

  1. They are incredibly talented at creating sweet visuals but are even more amazing people to be surrounded by. (Shout out to pod #2! #kidstable)
  2. There is constantly a debate going on, whether it’s about politics between Chris and Ryan, what dish to bring for food day, or the ongoing team burrito vs. team pizza debate.
  3. They are fun, competitive, and positive people who love their families, dogs and basically anything to do with lemons. (Love the days when their dogs come to the office to visit!)

It’s only been a month, but I’m proud to call myself a Lemonhead. The quality of the work they create here at Lemonly is incredible and inspiring to me. To be a part of this team is amazing and I can’t wait for what is to come and all the things I will learn and experience along the way!