Logo Refresh

Did you notice our new look? This spankin’ new, awesome logo is what started a Lemonly tune-up. From the logo to our business cards and all the way to our new internship site, we’ve had a refresh theme lately. (There may or may not be in a new website in the works, too! Stay tuned for that, too.)

So what started it all? To find out, I sat with our co-founder and creative director Amy Colgan to ask her about the logo refresh.

Why did you feel the logo needed to be reinvented?
AC: Not so much reinvented, more of a touch-up. When we first started Lemonly, we were very busy right out of the gate and did not spend much time on our brand. Three years later, it was well-due for a facelift.

When the process began, what did you initially want to change about the original logo? What was the goal?
AC: I had a few goals in mind:
1. Merge logos. We had our primary logo and our lemon avatar that could be simplified into one mark.
2. Lose the “.ly.” When Lemonly began, we were heavily tied to the domain Lemon.ly. Over time, we wanted to just be Lemonly, and having a mark that read more seamlessly would help reflect that and lose the dot.
3. Retire the Lobster font. In my defense, I used it before it was on every other website in the Western Hemisphere. I was young and in a rush… my bad.

Can you walk us through your process?
AC: As mentioned, I already had a few goals in mind and did not want to completely overhaul our brand. Ideally, I’d love for most to not even notice because our new mark belongs and feels like it’s been our brand the entire time.

I began some iterations and once I had a few I liked, I presented to the rest of our design team. From there, we narrowed down options. After some fine tuning, voila!

How many people did you run the logo by before it was officially “the one”?
AC: Our entire company saw the logo at some point in the working phases.

What do you think the logo says about Lemonly?
AC: Fun, creative and sweet, never sour.

What do you like the most about Lemonly’s new logo?
AC: It feels like Lemonly. It represents our mission as well as our personality. I always love when someone compliments our brand, then after awhile you hear, “Oh, I get it, it’s a lemon AND a pie chart!”

What is your favorite thing to see the Lemonly logo on?
AC: Sweet visuals. Also, if someone ever got a tattoo of it, I’d shake their hand.


There you have it, folks! Do you think our new look is as sweet as we do?