We’re all familiar with the “desert island” dilemma: 

Your plane has just crashed in uncharted territory—for whatever reason, you can only retain three valuables to aid in your survival. What do you keep?

You can be grateful that we’re not here to make you choose between toothpaste and your Lord of the Rings boxed set. Instead, fellow intern Nicholas and I would like to impart our own “desert island picks”—so to speak.

We’ve been situated in our Lemonly roles for a little over half the summer now: Nicholas animates, I write, and the two of us collaborate on design. As seasoned internship veterans, we compiled a list of the essential tools that will help you, a prospective intern, survive and thrive during your summer at Lemonly.


Wanna get to know the 2021 SLICE crew a little better? Check out our Q&A blog post here. And you can see some of our work here and here. Stay tuned for our first out-of-this-world infographic coming real soon. 😉 🚀

Did we miss something you’d add to your toolkit? Catch us at @thinklemonly to let us know.