IMG_6153At Lemonly, we always believed it just made sense to send a thank you note to our clients for working with us. We weren’t expecting a response, and it was never meant to be a big deal. The same goes for sending lemon bars to our new clients. We get excited every time we get to work with a new brand or company, and we thought we’d share that excitement by making sure they know their experience with Lemonly will always be sweet, never sour.

Then people kept talking about it, and talking about it. This little Midwestern design firm does a little extra to show their clients and partners that they truly care. To us, that’s how we were raised and what we believe. To the outside world, it’s rare and unexpected

To the outside world, it’s rare and unexpected.

This fall, we were humbled to be included in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Entrepreneur360 Index of the Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America. The E360 Index is a compilation of some very impressive and innovative companies, and it was a pleasant surprise when they reached out to include Lemonly on the list. Our hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, was well-represented with two companies on the list: Lemonly and DocuTAP, an electronic medical records company.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 4.56.20 PMBoth Lemonly and DocuTAP were listed in the Controllers category by Entrepreneur. Controllers are described as a group that keeps its focus on customers and suppliers. They pay close attention to what’s going on in their markets and do what it takes to keep customers happy. Controllers grow steadily, and work for the long-term.

As a founder of this company, I know that an obsessive focus on our customers and a long-term outlook on building our company is something every one of us believes at Lemonly. Thank you to Entrepreneur for the great honor and to all of our clients, partners, and mentors for getting us to where we are today. You keep us going, and we’ll keep sending the lemon bars.