Have you heard the good word? Freeman, SD, will debut a Chislic Festival this July.

Finally, an entire weekend devoted to the official state nosh (snack). How supremely South Dakotan. The event joins a laundry list of summer celebrations across the Rushmore State. From toilet bowl races to mashed potato wrestling, they possess a unique, if not a bit wacky, charm.

The intern team selected a few standout gatherings from the lineup to feature in our first infographic. (May we note, this was no easy task. There are *so* many to choose from.) You’ll have to wait until next year to attend a few of the festivals on our list, but pencil in a road trip to upcoming events this season.

Didn’t find your favorite? Share your go-to fest at the end of this post.

Without further ado, enjoy a journey through the state’s best fests.

SD Fest Quest

And that’s a wrap, folks!

Interns, what are your takeaways from the first infographic assignment?

Ciara: I dove right into Lemonly’s program integration. It’s no wonder we specialize in transforming the complex to concise. There’s a tool to ensure the process moves smoothly for every step of copy and design, and they’re all seamlessly connected.

Sarah: It was fascinating learning funny South Dakota traditions. I’ve lived here my entire life and never knew the full extent of our quirkiness. Getting creative with each event illustration was a lot of fun.

Hailey: On the contrary, I’m a Nebraska native. Researching festivals was an education in South Dakota history, considering a few of these events date back half a century. Narrowing down festivals to feature was the difficult part—even harder, choosing which ones to attend this summer.

Favorite South Dakota festival?

Ciara: Oahe Days. After an afternoon cruising the Missouri River, I like attending Buckin’ on the River and the concert. Of course, the fair food is always delicious too!

Sarah: I attend Sioux Falls’ Jazzfest every year. It’s my hometown and they always feature great local music groups that really bring the funk.

Hailey: Who doesn’t love a celebration of a local vegetable effigy? The weeklong Corn Palace Festival is a must-see.

Cheersing our infographic release with Parlour ice cream

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