For better or worse, every U.S. state is famous for something. You can see it in the slogans on our respective license plates:

  • Minnesota: “10,000 Lakes”
  • Virginia: “Virginia is for Lovers”
  • Idaho: “Famous Potatoes”

And South Dakota? Well, we’re famous for “Great Faces. Great Places.” 

These slogans carry some truth, of course, but no state can be summarized in a sentence. To outsiders, our home state of South Dakota might be best known for Mt. Rushmore (“Great Faces”). But to locals, there’s much more to daily life.

As the 2019 Lemonly Interns, and as proud South Dakotans, Brianna and I decided to focus our first-ever infographic on another prominent feature of life here, something else our state is no doubt known for: the weather.

Specifically, we’ve created a visual guide to help you survive the oft-extreme elements of our Great Plains. We hope it gives you a tip or two. And, as always, we’d love to hear from you.

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