Who doesn’t love a great story?

As long as humans have existed, they’ve shared tales of triumph, growth, tragedy, comedy, and everywhere in between.

Storytelling makes connections. People gravitate toward things they believe in and agree with, and “telling, not selling” can go a lot farther than a banner ad for your next flash sale.

But not every narrative takes the same structure, especially with infographics. Click on a story type below to check out the ways we’ve helped our clients tell their stories.

Timeline Report Summary Comparison Innovation How-To Problem/Solution/Action Press Release Flowchart Data Visualization Recap/Overview


Infographics are naturally equipped to fill their viewers in on the history of something. They have a definitive start and finishing point, a knack for guiding the viewer, and, traditionally, are physically structured in a way that lends itself to elaborating on certain points along a line.

Report Summary

Diving into a detailed report can be daunting. Use an infographic to lead into or accompany a white paper or ebook for an engaging, high-level look at your most important findings.


The next time you Google “What’s the difference between ___ and ___,” cross your fingers and hope to your lucky stars an infographic is one of the top results. There’s no better way to thoroughly explain two items or concepts than hitting key points with impactful visuals and concise copy.


Eureka! Spread the news, answer FAQs, and let your audience know how to learn more about your latest discovery all in one sweet package.


Life is full of unpredictable moments and learning experiences. Help viewers navigate stressful situations with poise, prepare for milestones, or tackle anything else the world throws their way with a visual step-by-step process.


Shed light, suggest a solution, and give viewers a course of action over the course of a single infographic or series of cohesive pieces. Visual storytelling allows you to open up a conversation, then steer participants toward a common goal.

Press Release

Make sure your next release doesn’t get left in their inbox. When you add impactful and attractive visuals, your data becomes all the more memorable and digestible.


Find the food that’ll strike your fancy, the first stop on your family vacation, or which flick to catch next movie night. Flowcharts are an attractive way to show off all the options a location or product offers – then help the reader decide which one to act on.

Data Visualization

Humans are visual creatures, and it’s often much easier to understand a graph or chart than pages on a spreadsheet. What starts as an unsightly set of data, with the right touch, can become a simple, clear and elegant representation of your central thesis.


Hit the highlights and tailor what you want your audience to take away – infographics make a great way to sum up a period of time, a career, a conference, or any event, really.

Interested in more examples? Our work page has plenty of infographic stories to get lost in.

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