Before the web development or design, before the wireframe or mood board, work at Lemonly always starts to take shape with the text.

Whether clients provide copy or we write it, our projects find their structure and their story within the words. With that in mind, we’ve started to formalize a Lemonly style guide. Among commonly misunderstood grammar and spelling entries, we’re setting into place rules for the more wily aspects of the English language, such as Oxford commas and spellings of technological terms.

Why? Because a clear voice, sturdy structure and sound grammar help us deliver an exact message. It’s not about being pedantic. It’s about being understood. We want you to know what we mean, and we further solidify that understanding with sweet data visualizations.

We’re not a media organization, so our style guide can be informed or overridden by clients’ style. But adhering to our guide first helps us provide well-formed copy from the start.

Dig in, and acquaint yourself with the building blocks of our copy: