Snowfall in Buffalo, NY, broke records last week with the city getting more snow in two days than it typically does in a year.

We wanted to dive in a bit deeper and look into the stats of this tragic storm and learn why this lake-effect snowstorm happened. Since many of us learn best with visual examples, we thought an infographic would be an appropriate way to look at a few of the snowstorm stats at a glance.

A Look at the Buffalo Snowstorm 2014 Infographic

Sadly, the damage in the Buffalo area isn’t ending with the snow. The threat of potential flooding remains as temperatures are expected to be around the 60s in the snow-covered area, forcing it to melt quickly. Thankfully, fears of disastrous flooding from the rapid meltdown eased on Monday, but high winds became a menace, threatening to knock down trees and power lines.

Our thoughts are definitely with those affected by the storm. If you’d like to help out, you can make a donation to the American Red Cross for disaster relief efforts here and here.

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