151218_SeasonOfGivingThe holidays are here! While becoming engulfed in holiday baking and last-minute shopping, it can sometimes be difficult to remember that not everyone is has daily life so easy. Sometimes, it’s hard to remember there are people all around struggling with issues like homelessness, substance abuse, hunger, or domestic violence.

You may remember last year when we celebrated the season with “12 Days of Giving.” This allowed the 12 Lemonly HQ employees to pick a local charity of their choice to donate on behalf of the company.

To switch things up this year, John and Amy, our co-founders, asked us to nominate one local charity and tell the group a little bit about it. Then each employee had 24 hours to vote on three different charities of their choosing, with first place receiving $3,000, second place $2,000, and third place $1,000.

In addition to this amazing gift, John and Amy have also set aside $6,000 in which they will use to match any personal donation an employee makes in 2016! How cool is that?

Okay, now for the winners.

The organization that will receive $1,000 is:

The Sioux Falls Area Humane Society is an open admission facility that takes in abandoned, abused, homeless, and unwanted animals that need tender loving care until they can find a permanent home. Their mission is to help these animals find their a permanent home, prevent animal cruelty, and educate people on the humane treatment of animals.

The organization that will receive $2,000 is:

The Compass Center offers counseling and advocacy services to primary and secondary victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, a batterer intervention program, and community education and prevention. In an average year, the various programs and services offered by The Compass Center assist over a thousand individuals in the surrounding area.

The organization that will receive $3,000 is:

CHS programs include emergency shelter, residential treatment & education, foster care & adoption services, forensic interview & exam centers, and prevention & education resources.While serving victims of domestic violence and child abuse, it is also part of the CHS mission to partner with caring parents to help children with emotional or behavioral problems.

We are so fortunate to be able to help our community this season and would like to note that we could not have done it without our wonderful clients!

We wish everyone a safe and warm holiday season.