Congratulations—you’ve completed your project with Lemonly! With final files in hand, you followed our proven best practices to a T when posting, which set your project up for maximum effectiveness. We’re so very proud of you.

Take a moment, enjoy the feeling, high-five your co-workers. Done? Great. Now, let’s start thinking about how you can make this content work harder for you.

Get the most out of your project

Make no mistake. Wrapping up an infographic that achieves your desired visual style and strategic goals is no small task. But sharing something just once can feel a little bit like shouting into the ether. Sure, some folks will hear you, but instead of going back to the drawing board, why not expand the ways you can reach the audience that matters most to you?

Now, the idea of rolling out several promotional pieces that share some DNA is nothing revolutionary—we’ve all seen an ad campaign before. Content that shares a visual style creates familiarity, and the more your audience is exposed to your marketing messages, the more effective it’ll be.

For some reason, though, the hustle and bustle of content marketing seems to encourage project managers and designers to move from project to project without considering the benefits of reinforcements.

Craft specific messaging for specific segments of your audience as you share

The thinking behind this approach is that every audience is made of smaller and smaller segments of people who might react differently to tweaked messaging. Some might be enticed by vibrant visuals, others by staggering statistics, and so on. Set your sights on several targets to make your infographics go further.

One of the most essential things to consider is where your content will fit into your user’s flow or funnel. Put yourself in their shoes, then skim through your infographic—is anything left unclear, or would expanding on a certain point make “you” (your audience) more likely to take whatever action the piece prompts?

It’s rare that a single piece can cover all the ground a customer might take on their journey through the funnel. Using your central piece of content as a sapling for extensions is a cost-effective and time-efficient way of getting in touch at as many points as possible.

Ask yourself these important questions

Can you repurpose or take inspiration from your infographic and release it as engaging pieces of microcontent?

Can you simplify some of your content into a downloadable checklist or worksheet for folks who might not have time to commit to more extensive consideration?

Could you create a video series featuring expert input from your colleagues or clients on the matter?

Could your initial infographic become an SVG that prompts readers to click on specific sections for more information (or another infographic) about a subtopic?

Have a lot to say and want to delve deeper than a single infographic would allow? A series takes your readers through the basics in a digestible, pick-up-where-you-left-off type of way.

Call us if you need help

Whichever execution you choose, the logic makes sense. The longer your customer spends with you—the more content they see—the more they’ll understand your brand, products, and value proposition.

Wondering how you can extend a past or prospective infographic project for more impact on your audience? Let’s talk.